2014 Oklahoma City Pagan Pride Day
Saturday, September 20, 2014
West Side Lion’s Club – 4135 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City

We’re bringing back many of your favorite activities from last year and adding some new and exciting things.  Stay tuned…




For the next week or so, the basket will be visiting the girls at “Spiritual Healing Gift Shop and Wellness Center” located at 5904 W Hefner (the corner of Hefner & MacArthur). https://www.facebook.com/spiritualhealingministriesinc or www.spiritualhealingministries.com

OKC Pagan Pride Day is a day for Pagans across Oklahoma to come together to celebrate and share our spirituality. It is a day for us to provide education about Paganism to those interested in learning. And it is a day for us to give back to our greater community with a Food Drive for both people and pets.

Pagan Pride Day will feature classes, presentations, entertainment, public rituals, drum circles, vendors, readers and lots of fun!  The organizers for this year’s Pagan Pride Day are made up of individuals from our Pagan Community as well as several Pagan groups (Crescent Moon Collective, Silver Serpent Coven, Art and Spirit Guild and OKC Witch Hat Society). This is a collaborative effort by members of the Oklahoma Pagan Community and anyone interested in helping is welcome!

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